About Us

“Dizkis started in 2008 when myself, Tracy Kiss and partner Luca Di-Zenobia combined our last names. We had a baby daughter at the time and we wanted to give her something that was nature inspired and wholesome and organic; wooden toys, learning charts with ladybirds, leapfrogs and things. All that seemed to be on the market was quite disappointing really, there were bright plastic and garish colours; there were dollies that had skulls and cross bones on them and short skirts, that isn’t really what we wanted for our daughter.

We had a look around and after deciding there was nothing on the market that suited what we wanted we thought well why not make our own. In this changing world there isn’t always two parents to every child unfortunately. Some never meet their grandparents and some are only children, they never have a brother and a sister to share all of their experiences and their childhood with; we wanted to create something so that no child would ever be left out. We wanted to marry together the technology of today with the traditions of yesterday, so that you have an influence of family in everything that we do.

The story of the ‘Just Moo’ family is told through a brother and sister called Millie and Michael and they go through adventures to learn about the world.

You have a lovely grandmother, which I think most families can tie this into. She loves to sew and has lovely curly hair and glasses just like my grandmother. She makes nice gifts with the children to give as presents to their parents.

Granddad always wears his suit, he likes to read the newspaper and he grows herbs and flowers in the garden. He can make anything out of anything, he’s a very cheerful man and very much a gentleman, a positive role model for every young boy.

Daddy loves to fix things, he’s always tinkering around in the garage and he has his overalls on and makes things with the children.

Mummy is a wonderful cook, she cooks healthy recipes that are quick and easy to make. It’s a learning experience for everybody of all ages, from every background and culture. We tried to make a family that the whole world can recognize and understand.

They have a very cheeky puppy called Puppy Moo, he loves being outdoors and going for walks and to the play-park; everything that children can do to stay active and be healthy and live longer.

Our main aim is to provide children, parents and schools with learning material that is fun, nature inspired, environmentally aware, traditional and thoughtful.

Everything that we do, we give to schools for free. We give to the public, parent’s and children because it’s what we want for our own children so we want to share that with others. Our plans for the future are to take the Dizkis brand as far spread as possible; from children’s clothing, which is respectful, where children are allowed to be children again these days. They’re not wearing makeup and short skirts and t-shirts with rude slogans across them.

We would love to do stationary for schools. As we’re parents ourselves we see what we need and what would make our life easier, it would be amazing to be able to bring products to the market that do what you want them to do. You want products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and that makes your life easier so that you can spend quality time with your children.

We think that reading with your children is very important and it’s a time to be around them together. The ultimate dream would be to have a children’s TV series and I know that that’s a million miles away from where we are today, but that’s something that we can aspire to do.

We hope to change the future of childhood one smile at a time; everything that we do makes that small bit of difference but when you put it all together it really can change the world. Life is for learning so why not make learning fun?

We hope that you follow us on our journey and that you enjoy what we do. Thank you very much.”

Tracy & Luca

The Dizkis Team