Smiles All Round At The Lymphoma Association Funday 2010

Dizkis Family Funday, Kingsbury Square

The residents of Aylesbury had a delightful afternoon at the Dizkis Family Funday on Sunday 1st August 2010. Starting with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Aylesbury Town Mayor Mr Graham Webster, the day was filled with giggles and smiles all round, and the children enjoyed it too!

The wonderful English weather was as unpredictable as always but we were delighted to have a lovely warm afternoon; and for those who hadn’t jetted off on their holidays just yet, there were a selection of craft, treats, business and personalised gift stalls available.

We were honored to have been able to raise awareness and funds for The Lymphoma Association through a live raffle, with everything from baking goods, jewellery, designer brands, arts and crafts to cheeky treats for mum and dad!

Sabina from The National Enterprise Academy

We were joined by Sabina from the National Enterprise Academy which is set to arrive in Aylesbury in 2012 with thanks to Peter Jones of Dragons Den; whose aim is to shift the boardroom into the classroom and give teenagers the confidence and ability to become entrepreneurs.
If you would like to know more about the NEA you can visit their site here.

Paul Biswell of CSB Roadshow during a magic show

Our wonderful entertainer Paul Biswell, owner of C.S.B Roadshow was on top form as always with his natural humour as a pink-suited magician, having the children in fits of giggles and amusing the adults alike. There were also bouncy castles for the little ones and music to round off the afternoon nicely.

The raffle was drawn at the end of the afternoon just as the sun decided to break through the clouds and reveal a beautiful hot summer sky, whilst children enjoyed the taste of home made cakes, stickers and balloons.

The event was a great occasion to meet with the public, to involve children in the events of the local area, and to give parents and grandparents the opportunity to put their feet up or look around the stalls whilst their children were entertained.

Local Police Officers joining in the fun and Luca of Dizkis

Finally, we would like to say a great big thank you to all who attended and made the day possible. To the stall holders for providing a diverse selection of goods and products for the public, to Paul Biswell for putting on a first class music and entertainment show, to the Mayor Of Aylesbury Graham Webster for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us at our charity afternoon, and to the Lymphoma Association and their volunteers for allowing us to raise funds on their behalf.

A lot of time, hard work and thought went into the planning of the day by many people behind the scenes for which we are incredibly grateful for the generosity shown; it is a rare and beautiful trait to work with people who are so selfless and willing to help others. For the volunteers who gave their time to help raise funds for their charity, for the friends and family who made the event possible and for the public who attended – Thank you.

We hope that our event has helped to raise awareness for the charity and businesses who have attended, to be able to promote a ‘go local’  pride within our community, and to give the children and adults of the town an afternoon of leisure and entertainment.

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